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If you believe in your product, then we believe in you. We take up commercial photography projects to highlight and add values to your brand and the brand products.

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Are you feeling photogenic and pretty today? Or do you have an important event and want us to capture your memories, then call us right away- we are all you need for all the photographic needs

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Are you looking for some editorial photographers to sell your editorials and enhance your brand value? Explain to us your vision, and we'll take care of the rest.

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I had to get a photoshoot done for my magazine cover, and the people working in this company are just the right fit for that.
Donna K McLaughlin
The cameraperson from this company is the best because he understands the science behind different types of photos
William L
I got my editorial shoot done here, and I must say I'm pretty impressed with their services.
Milagro R Schulz

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Everything you must know to transform into a Skillful Artist!


There is a theory that depicts a person is left-brained or right-brain dominant by understanding whether that person is more into reasoning and analytical or whether that person is more creative and artistic. If one is more into the former one, he or she or they is known to be left-brained, and if you are more into the latter one, you may grow up to be a writer, art teachers, musicians, or architects. Well, this post is dedicated to the painters and drawing artists those who fall under the right brain category. Drawing or painting is a way of calming oneself and helps your neurotransmitter to work more creatively. It is also a way to increase your brain capacity to become robust and vivid. With that said, we will now read a quick guide to understand how to brush up one’s talent and bring out the best. Without any further ado let us hit the post, shall we?


The first exercise we will be discussing to bring the best is none other than the eye and hand coordination. As an artist, you must have a very good eye and hand coordination to be the best. You have to build up your muscles and bring the best out by exercising your muscles and fingers. There are a lot of mechanical exercises that are dedicated to this coordination. One of the ways to understand the coordination is by drawing and practicing circles. It is not as easy as it sounds. You must be vigilant enough to start and end where you begin.



Artists those who bring the best masterpieces always rely on what perception they are looking at. Drawing is all about perception. As an artist, the way you see may not be the same what others see. You can bring any perspective, and it takes experience to bring out the think-out-of-box ideas and perception. One way you can attain this skill is by drawing hands. Not the complete hand, by the palm and fingers. You can make any form from your hands, and this is one of the ways you can bring the best perception into the paper.


The third one is to understand the lighting and shading effect of the paper or towels or cloths. You can start by arranging the cloths in such a manner to get the perfect lighting and a model for you to draw. This will help you to control light and shadiness in the cloth or whatever tool you have kept on the table. It is not easy, but experience and exercise will make you reach the point.



The next one where you can brush up to increase the focus is nothing but the composition part. This is where you bring the story to life. You must ask yourself why you must draw the object there and what was the composition you are trying to bring out. You can even draw a different composition of the same object. You can try this out by drawing the everyday tools and equipment.

Pet Portraits

Kate has been creating pet portraits to sell since 2002 when a neighbour spotted some of her artwork and asked her to create a dog portrait for her. This pet portrait lead onto other dog portraits and soon more neighbours wanted their pets portraits painted too.

Since then Kate has been commissioned to do pet portraits for birthday and Christmas gifts or for owners to remember their much loved animal, portraits of dogs of all sorts of breeds, portraits of cats and even a pet parrot. Portraits of pets can be full body or head and shoulders with plain backgrounds or posing in their favourite spot. Collars and favourite toys can be included too. Portrait pets make excellent presents as they are unique and personal gifts.

If you would like a custom pet portrait painting, first assemble a collection of photos and choose your favourite pose. Next decide what size you would like and whether you want the portrait to be in coloured pastel or acrylic paint.

Backgrounds can be added in or left plain, so for instance, you may want them on a cushion or by the sea. Custom pet portraits can be assembled from different photographs. Photos can be sent via email, or through the post as prints, or on CD. If possible photos should be taken outside in natural daylight or if would like to use a photograph taken by a professional photographer then please ask for their permission.